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Popular Watches Today

The trends in watches have changed over the years. At one time, bulkier, heavier watches were in style. At one time, slimmer, sleeker watches were popular. There are popular watches, and watches that- are not-so popular. People have different ways of gauging popularity. The marketing industry keeps track of sales, trends in the market, the economy and other variables to keep track of current sales and future sales.


You can look at a variety of factors such as sales figures, contemporary fashion trends, what celebrities are buying and not buying as well as market research to determine what is hot and what is not. However, history might provide a better timetable to determine what the market trends have been and what they bring to the foreseeable future. When considering watches, two popular brands stand out and they are Rolex and Omega which are the two most popular watches in the world.

Rolex introduced the first watch that was self winding. The first watch that was waterproof was introduced in the early 1930’s. Years later, Hans Wilsdorf, who founded the company Rolex, went down to the bottom of a trench to show just how Rolex had mastered the technique of waterproofing a watch. As it turns out, the watch worked perfectly. And it carries with it because of this historical event, the first watch to survive the deepest part of the earth.

Rolex also carries a history of other firsts in the world of popular watches. The first watch that had a date indicator was Rolex. The first chronograph watch that could chronograph was a Rolex. The first watch that denotes two time zones at the same time was a Rolex. As it turns out, Rolex has developed many firsts that are now standard features in watches.

Rolex watches are not known as trendy but, they are known as legendary in the watch industry. Rolex are noted with high regard. They are famous for durability and have become status symbols, becoming a symbol that denotes success has been rightfully earned.

An Omega watch was the first watch on the moon. Buzz Aldrin wore it when taking the first step on the moon. At the time, there were five other watches competing to be the first watch on the moon. The Omega Speedmaster out tested the other leading brands. It won the title of being, a “space-worthy” watch.

Bulova, Breitling, ,TAG Heuer and Rolex are probable the most notable names in the watch industry and were the competing watches for NASA. But, the Omega Speedmaster watch passed rigorous condition tests, such as a vacuum test, high humidity, corrosion, heavy pressure, shock tests, loud constant noise, vibration, exposure to very extreme temperatures and rigorous acceleration tests.


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