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The Basics of ATP Tennis

The ATP is the largest professional tennis circuit in the world. It features sixty tournaments over the course of a year in thirty different countries, going from the United States and Canada all the way to France, Japan and Australia. The ATP is a men’s professional tennis group that runs the circuit for the men’s game, and it is a group that takes pride in its strengths.


One of the biggest strengths of the ATP is its ability to reach tennis fans online. For instance, during the Madrilena Mutua Madrid Masters the site received in October more than half a million unique visitors to the group’s website. Nearly two million users were reached on the site over the course of the past year with nearly ten million impression pages. This equals an increase in web traffic by nearly forty percent. Also, the Spanish language ATP tennis site has increased its web traffic by nearly fifty percent last year.

ATP tennis is continuing to grow around the world. One of the fastest growing places for ATP tennis is Europe. The new CEO of the ATP tennis group in Europe, Andy Anson, is a former executive in the United Kingdom who has a Masters degree in Business Administration. Even though former CEO Horst Klosterkemper will be leaving the ATP association will still be in good hands in the continent.

ATP tennis also continues to work with humanitarian efforts around the world. During the Shanghai Masters Tennis Cup the ATP tennis group worked to raise funds for UNICEF. The United Nations Children’s Fund is another group that is well supported by the ATP, as last year around 130,000 RMB was raised for the charity.

Other charitable activities by the ATP tennis group including auctions involving items signed by the athletes in the circuit. For instance, during an auction for UNICEF at Shanghai’s Stadium of Qi Zhong a shirt signed by ATP tennis star Roger Federer went for 28,000 RMB. Also, the Feder-Bear bean bag doll was sold by UNICEF at the stadium, raising nearly 75,000 RMB for the group.

The sponsorship deals for ATP tennis are especially strong. Some of the largest businesses in the world sponsor ATP tennis, including Mercedez-Benz, Lacoste and South Africa Railways, among others.

Overall, ATP tennis is a group that features some of the world’s best tennis stars and has a great presence around the world and online. Not only does it have some great sponsors but it also has a strong humanitarian presence. Also, the future of ATP tennis is continuing to grow with new leadership.


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