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FriendWise: A Little Known Social Networking Website

In your search for a good social networking website, you might come across FriendWise. This website facilitates communication between different individuals from all corners of the globe. As its name implies, it pursues in building friendships. Although FriendWise is not as popular as MySpace, Orkut or Yahoo! 360, it has its own established network of loyal members.


When you want to participate in this trend of social networking online, be sure not only to base your choice of website on popularity. Instead, do elaborate examinations on which website offers services of the highest quality. Check out to understand what this means. Social networking on the internet is not only considered today as a trend but also as an experience and a lifestyle. The creators of FriendWise have succeeded in incorporating this principle in the design of the website.

The only negative observation about FriendWise is that it offers limited information to non-members. Unlike other social networking websites, FriendWise does not immediately state if its services are for free or for a charge. This is recommended for modification as visitors are always concerned about payments.

FriendWise shares the same goals as with other social networking website and that is to help people contact long lost friends and to provide opportunities for new friendships and relationships. Once you’ve signed up as a member, you are advised to create your personal webpage which carries information about yourself such as your interests and hobbies. You can also add photos, music and video files to personalize your profile. This will be viewed by different members of the FriendWise community and by non-members who visit the site although they won’t be able to contact you. To be able to do so, they will be encouraged by the website to sign up for membership.

The website has message forums where you can participate in. If a topic appeals to your interest you may send online messages which will be read by other members, who in turn will comment on your opinions. In this way, you are not only given the privilege to express yourself but you also learn from other people ideas and principles you are unfamiliar with. Some of the favourite topics in the forums are sex, music, politics and religion. You can also post a question or start another topic to be talked about.

Other additional features of this FriendWise are providing entertainment through quizzes, polls and competitions such as photo contests. These are fun activities to do with your friends and other community members. You may post your vote or join the group of moderators who come up with these games if this is also your interest.


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