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Soccer Tips: Power Kick

The power behind soccer is in the kick. It sounds simple doesn’t it? You have to kick and maneuver the ball across the field into the goal. However, if you try it, you will discover that once you kick the ball, it may not necessarily travel where you intended it to.

Also you have to practice moving and striking the ball. This will take practice. If you enjoy soccer, you will want to learn the basics by joining a league or taking lessons at a recreational center.

The act of kicking actually involves the use of both feet. The kicking foot and the other foot is used for balance. This is to assure balance. This will take a great deal of practice. You will want to practice kicking using one foot and moving at the same time.

To send a ground kick keep your opposing foot in line with the kick foot. This will send the ball low but far. You may want to practice this one and make sure your foot is not too close to the other one or you will trip.

To send the ball up in the air, keep your foot slightly behind the ball. Keep in mind, when you are kicking you are using your entire body to send the ball with power. Try to lean slightly forward to give your kick some added force and punch to drive it up in the air and down the field.

If you are volleying or dribbling the ball, proper balance is essential. Make sure your body is aligned and that you are able to be quick on your feet and agile. Try not to have the ball too close to your body and try to stay as agile as possible. You must feel comfortable in your movements and not rigid and stiff.

This takes time and practice. You may want to practice with a friend and ask them to kick the ball to you so that you are able to practice response time and can learn to quickly move with the ball. Or you can try practicing with a wall. You may want to try stopping the ball with your foot and then kicking it into a specific direction. This will take practice.

Most generally the scores in soccer are low. The players work hard at protecting the ball from the competition. The game is fast paced and fun to watch. The players are constantly moving and the ball is almost always in action. The game has an umpire who essentially referees the game to assure that players are competing fairly. In professional games, there is one referee with two assistants. In some games, depending on the circumstances, there may be up to five referees.

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