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Skydiving Weight Limit

Skydiving is truly an exhilarating sport that is extreme in its experience. One can feel high when he or she gets glided left and right and even topsy turvy 360 degree on a canopy ride. For a long time now, skydiving has drawn many enthusiasts who went on to become addicts to this sport. It is not wrong to say that skydiving is a sport for everyone. Or is it? This is a very debatable question.


We are quite wrong when we say skydiving is a sport for every one. The one important limitation that skydiving sets on its enthusiasts has nothing to do with skills, stunts or lessons. Skydiving weight limit is the single most important concern that stops some the people from trying. This is one restriction that is enforced very strictly.

Different centers set different limits for the skydiving weight limit. Individual centers have their own set of rules for setting the skydiving weight limit to ensure the safety of their students. Each skydiving category has its own weight limit. The skydiving weight limit for a tandem skydiver will be different from that of an accelerated free fall diver or a static line skydiver.

For instance, Skydive Orange limits the weight of their skydivers to 220 pounds. The heavier people have to pay additional skydiving charge. This price increases at the rate of $25 per jump for each increase in weight by 10 pounds. Hence, if the skydiver's weight is between 220-230 pounds then he or she has to pay $25 more and so on.

The weight limit vis-a-vis price per jump is enforced in the case of tandem skydives only. For the other categories there are other computations and weight limit. For example, in Skydive Orange the maximum weight allowed is 270 pounds. Apart from the weight itself, the students have to be physically fit and healthy. People with heart problems or other health challenges are restricted from skydiving.

The reason for such weight limits is fairly obvious. The parachutes can carry a certain weight and if it goes beyond that the parachute can get damaged resulting in its failure while the skydiver executes a jump. Hence the life of the parachute reduces if there is no skydiving weight limit. Therefore the additional charges are levied to ensure proper maintenance and replacement of parachutes.

Similarly, other skydiving centers have their own stipulations for the skydiving weight limit and charge more for those who cross these limits. By now you understand the importance of a person's weight, especially the ones who wish to defy the limits of velocity in a free fall. For those who are actively considering taking up skydiving as a recreational sport, the watchword is "skydiving weight limit".


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