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Lake Tahoe Skiing - A Popular Leisure Activity

Are you looking for a wonderful place to go skiing? Have you been to ski resorts all over the United States, and you want a new and exciting place to visit? How do you determine which state to visit? The following paragraphs will help you to answer any questions you may have about Lake Tahoe Skiing.


Lake Tahoe has no less than six destinations for skiing scattered around the lake, offering something exciting and unique for any level of skier. When you ski at Lake Tahoe skiing resorts, you are actually skiing down a volcano. It is true. Lake Tahoe was once a volcanic crater in prehistoric times. This helps make Lake Tahoe skiing trails more thrilling for any skier.

Accessibility of Lake Tahoe Skiing

One of the most attractive qualities associated with Lake Tahoe is its easy and quick accessibility. All six of their ski destinations are located within 90 minutes from the most southern parts of Tahoe city. As well, all six ski destinations are convenient to one another. Along with easy and quick accessibility, you will never lack choices when skiing at any Lake Tahoe skiing destination.

Accommodations and Lodging

When you visit any of Lake Tahoe skiing destinations, you will have a wide variety of choices when it comes to lodging, as well as accommodations. Log houses are often available for rent, as well as many different motels sprinkled among the area. From being nestled snuggly between the slopes, to overlooking the beautiful Lake Tahoe, lodging is available to suit the desires of anyone.

Nightlife is also big in Lake Tahoe. When you are not on the slopes, you will have the option to mingle at the casinos, just across the state line. Many varieties of restaurants are available -- from fast food to quiet, romantic dining.

Lake Tahoe Skiing Resorts

The two main ski resorts offered at Lake Tahoe are called Heavenly and Squaw Valley. Having the look and feel of a small country town, the area is sprinkled with motels, as well as other types of architecture. Aside the thrilling slopes, Heavenly and Squaw Valley have come to impress many Lake Tahoe skiers with its unique sights, as well as unique smells.

If you are planning a family Lake Tahoe skiing vacation, Heavenly is a wonderful place to inquire. Lodgings at this ski destination are situated a perfect distance from the slopes. In addition to this fact, Heavenly has more child-friendly facilities and activities available than in Squaw Valley.

In conclusion, a Lake Tahoe skiing vacation could be perfect for you. It can provide you with the most breath taking, memorable experiences of your life.

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