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What Every Skier Should Know About West Virginia Skiing

Ever since the Canaan Valley was discovered in the 1960's, West Virginia has become a popular destination for skiers world wide. Many of them will swear that West Virginia skiing is one of the very best in the United States. The following paragraphs will discuss skiing in West Virginia, as well as some of the ski resorts that make West Virginia skiing so attractive.


If you are considering a West Virginia skiing vacation, there is a wide variety of ski resorts for you to choose from. With locations that are easy access to Interstate 77, quick and easy access to many of the resorts add to their popularity. These West Virginia ski resorts include:

* Winterplace Ski Resort
* Alpine Lake Resort
* Elk River Touring Center
* Snowshoe Mountain
* Timberline * Canaan Valley

At any of these resorts a skier is guaranteed to find a trail that will challenge their current skill level to push them to greater heights!

Canaan Valley

Since the Canaan Valley is where the history of West Virginia skiing began, it is where we will begin, as well. The Canaan Valley State Resort offers many excellent slopes for any skier, regardless of their skill level. Being conveniently located right next door to the popular resort, the Timberline, adds to the popularity of Canaan Valley. With lodging ranging from log cabins to condominiums, gourmet restaurants, a national forest, many specialty shops, and much more at your fingertips, Canaan Valley should be considered when planning your West Virginia skiing vacation.

Timberline Ski Resort

As previously mentioned, the Timberline Ski Resort dominates the central Canaan Valley, which adds to its popularity amongst skiers. The ski slopes of the Timberline Ski Resort have rightly been referred to as the centerpiece of skiing in West Virginia. This particular ski resort in West Virginia not only provides a choice of 36 downhill slopes, but there are tubing and sledding areas provided, as well. In addition Timberline Ski Resort provides over 17 kilometers of ski trails available for cross-country skiers.

Elk River Touring Center

If you are planning a cross-country West Virginia skiing vacation, Elk River Touring Center should be carefully considered. Offering over 35 kilometers of cross-country skiing trails, the Elk River Touring Center is an extremely popular among West Virginia skiers who prefer cross-country skiing. Lodging accommodations include slope-side huts, houses, luxurious condominiums, and cabins.

In addition to the West Virginia skiing resorts previously mentioned, there are several more popular ski destinations for you to select from. The popularity of the resort is not the only consideration you should make when planning your West Virginia ski trip. How well the prospective destination spot suits your needs should be your first consideration.

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