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Finding people free online has never been easier. The Internet, that bottomless pit of information refuses to let you lose touch with a near or dear one just because of a silly old misplaced email address. Now with a touch of a button, or a click of the mouse you could find people free online anytime from anywhere. No more excuses for staying out of touch. No need to pay some private investigator huge fees just to try and locate a friend or family member. There are websites, which offer you this service free of charge.


Phone Directories are the best place to find people free online. There are many online phone directories containing comprehensive databases of all kinds of contact information. Phone directories would be a great starting place to find people free online., recipient of the PC Magazine’s Best of the Internet 2004 award, is an interactive business search directory. You could use this search engine to find people by email address, phone numbers or postal address through the site’s white pages section. is the perfect resource for an international search. Teldir has a database of people from more than 216 countries along with international calling codes. is a highly advanced site that lets you find people free online. It helps provide you a matching phone number for the name of the person you have entered. Either the last or the first name of the person is usually sufficient information for this search engine.

If you are trying to locate a person and know where he works or which school he attends then you could check out the company or college websites. Many universities and colleges keep a database of the contact information of all their graduate or undergraduate students. An increasing number of business organizations too maintain a database of their employee contacts. You could log on to their website and do a search.

Sometimes someone has been out of touch for such a long time you begin to wonder if they are alive or dead. If you have already conducted a search for him using the previously mentioned methods, then maybe you need to conduct an online obituary search.

There is also lot of great resources that let you find people free online through their huge resources.

Yahoo! People Search helps you to find people by address using their white pages which they offer free of cost. Using Yahoo! People Search you have access to updated addresses as well as phone numbers of long lost family, friends, classmates and business colleagues. It is one of the most user-friendly interfaces, making it one of the simplest to use search engines.

If the person you were looking for were in the military service, then the first place to start your search would be offers instant access to driving directions and reverse searches.


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