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Free Find Lost People

You would be mistaken if you thought you would never be able to find that special person that you had lost touch with a long time ago.

Remember, nobody just disappears into thin air. Everybody who is lost has just relocated. This could be by accident where the person could be suffering from amnesia. Or the person may have disappeared on purpose and covered his tracks so as not to be found.


With todayís technology you do not even have to hire a private investigator to follow the tracks and find lost people. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You could track the person down sitting at your computer and you donít even have to spend a penny to do it. Of course you need to know some basics about how to free find lost people. Keep in kind these few tips and techniques that make it easier for you to free find lost people.

First of all start close to home. Everybody who vanishes would always leave behind some trace of existence that the finder can pick up on. If the missing person were a family member or a very dear friend, you would most definitely have some kind of records on the person. If this person vanished with most of the certificates chances are he may have overlooked some seemingly minor records of tax returns, bank accounts, or utility bills. These could prove to be invaluable if you only knew how to exploit the potential of the information available to you.

Of course if the record left behind is a drivers license, consider that a bonus. Documents like driverís licenses hold essential information such as Social Security Number and take away the guesswork related to exact names and dates of birth. You can extract a wealth of information from this little document to help you free find lost people.

Then, search by first name and date of birth. If you were not lucky enough to find that license and are now not very sure about how to spell the personís surname do not be disheartened. Many women change their surname after marriage so even that may not be such a dependable clue after all. If you are sure of the date of birth of the missing person you could still launch a successful free find lost people search. You would need to use one of the many people search engines that are available on the web.

What happens if you do not have the full name or date of birth of the missing person? Try doing a search using whatever information you have on hand; it could even be the address or just the city code or zip code.

You should remember though, that the more information you have that can be used, the easier and more refined your search will be. A search that is more refined will give better and faster results.

If all else fails you could use reverse lookup. Many sites actually allow you to do a reverse search. If all the information you have is a phone number or address, you enter this into an appropriate box on their site so you can free find lost people. The database is programmed to match possible people with the information youíve entered and you might just find that youíve got a perfect match!! Now the lost person is more lost.


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