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Penny Stocks: a Low Financial Risk For Beginning Stock Investors

If you are new player in capital market investing, the best way to start is to put your money in penny stocks. Penny stocks are not traded and they are not listed on stock exchanges. They also don’t meet the requirements that are set forth by stock exchanges. Penny stocks are traded “over-the-counter,” and they are traded infrequently.


Why are these penny stocks interesting for the beginners and how they can find them?

The penny stocks are alluring because of their small price. They are sold for a price below $5 and if you invest such a small amount, then you can not lose very much. They are sold “over-the-counter,” and because of this, the trading is infrequent. If you are interested in buying such stock, the only way is through a broker.

There is risk when trading with penny stocks because of infrequency. So, you buy some penny stocks and after a period of time you want to sell it but nobody wants to buy it. You can not find a buyer so you have liquidity problems. With this investment you can be stuck; unable to convert your stocks back to cash.

You should take a close look at the company rating when buying penny stocks and also find as much information as you can about that company. This will minimize your risk of losing your money. If you have hired a broker he is obligated to give you information on a monthly basis about the status of the penny stocks you have bought.

You can also check OTCBB or Pink Sheet listings in order to find all available penny stocks on the market at the moment. On these listings you can find lot of information which will help you in choosing the right penny stocks for you and all other “over-the-counter” investments.

When you think that you have found some stock that will have a high return of investment, you should be careful. Investing in penny stocks can be tricky. Be sure that you have all needed information for estimating its price at a future date. After this you should be sure that you are able to sell the same stock for that price and on any date.

You should not to worry if you make a mistake and a few dollars are lost. But, if you have made the right decision in choosing your penny stocks you can repeat this again and again until you gain a lot of experience on the stock market and feel more secure about trading regular stocks. The advantage for beginners when it comes to buying penny stocks is that the entry price is so low that even if you do lose, only a small amount of money is lost, and it can actually be worth it for the learning experience.


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