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Babysitter Tips

Many parents have to reach into the outside world to find a person that they can entrust their children with in their absence. Choosing a babysitter should not be taken lightly. Parents should take special care in selecting a babysitter for their children. Once you have established a person to care for your children in your absence, it is vital that the babysitter understands a few things. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the most important things that you and the babysitter should review.


When you must entrust your children with a babysitter, it is vital that there is a list of important numbers by each telephone in the home in case of an emergency. You should place the numbers of the poison control center, the hospital, police, fire, the pediatrician, the ambulance, friends and relatives – and even 911. It has been found, in an emergency, many people forget the number to call – 911. You should post these numbers and inform the babysitter where they are. You should also include the number where you can be reached.

It is important that you leave a signed note stating that, in case of an emergency, the babysitter has permission to authorize medical treatment. If you will be far away, and your child is in a life or death situation, this is an ideal situation. You should also include the fact that the babysitter cannot authorize major decisions, like “pulling the plug” and other equally important decisions. The release should simply be for emergency medical treatment only. Be sure to include your contact information on this note. Place this note by the main telephone in the home, and review it with your babysitter.

It is important that the babysitter understands that they should not allow any visitors in the home, and should avoid the use of the phone while caring for your children. These types of activities actually distract sitters, and it could result in your child becoming injured due to neglect. Simply explain that this is not intended to harm them, but to protect your children. It is important that babysitters understand that the children are their top priority and nothing should come before that responsibility.

It is important that the babysitter is familiar with any allergies that the child may have. This includes medications, foods, perfumes, and others. If the child has severe allergic reactions, the babysitter should be informed of this. They should also be instructed on how to deal with these types of emergencies and where any treatment medication is.

You should hire babysitters that have training in first aid and CPR. If the sitter that you choose does not have these skills, you should offer to pay for a course for them. Afterall, that they are caring for your child. This training has proven to be very beneficial in many cases. In cases where a babysitter does not have this training, it can prove to be fatal.

There are many steps available that you should review with your babysitter. The steps mentioned in this article are among the most popular. Remember that the babysitter plays an important role in the life of your child when you are unavailable, so be certain to proceed with precaution.


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