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Shopping for the Perfect Office Chair-Where to look

Finding a place that sells office chairs isnít that difficult, finding a place that sells quality office chairs at decent prices might be a different story. You can choose to purchase your office chair from a dealer, direct from the manufacturer, or even from an office superstore. There are advantages and disadvantages no matter where you choose to shop for your office chair, so keep reading.

If you are only planning to purchase one office chair for yourself, then you may not find it beneficial to purchase directly from a dealer, as they tend to favor bulk purchases, like from companies looking to furnish a new office. Usually, the chairs that you will get in this manner will be of higher quality, but they will also have a higher price tag attached, often asking more than the average person can afford to pay. On the flip side, if you do choose to buy directly from a dealer, you will have the advantage of having many, many designs to choose from, so you can make a wiser choice.

If you are looking to make a larger purchase, but really donít want to pay top of the line prices often charged by dealers, then you may decide to purchase directly from the manufacturer. You can usually get better prices because the manufacturer doesnít spend the money on advertising and maintaining showrooms that dealers typically do. If you plan to buy more than one chair, you may even get a better price per chair. The manufacturer is often more willing to negotiate with you on the price than any other office chair seller. The bad thing is that you arenít really able to test the chairs out before you buy them, so you may get chairs that look nice and comfortable, but really are not when you get them in your office.

Office superstores also have a lot to offer both individuals and companies who are shopping for office chairs. In general, these stores get good prices direct from the manufacturer, and then pass those savings onto you, so you can typically get the lowest price in this manner, without having to sacrifice quality. There are many different types of chairs on display, so that you can actually sit in them to gauge the comfort level, before you buy them. You donít have to try to look at the chair and guess at whether or not it would be comfortable, you can see for yourself. Another advantage is that these stores will often deliver directly to you, at no charge, and there is rarely a long wait, many times you can get your chair(s) delivered the same day. When looking for office chairs for a company, this might not be the best place for you, even though the prices might be better, often the chairs arenít durable enough to hold up to lots of long-term use. They tend to work great for the home office however, so keep that in mind.

If you are on the market for office chairs, you may even want to check out some of the online auction sites, such as Amazon and E-Bay, to get even better deals. This option works great for someone who is looking for a more comfortable chair for their home office.

No matter where you decide to shop for your office chair, you have many options out there to choose from. Find what suits both your needs and your budget and go for it!

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