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The Benefits of Metal Detectors at Educational Facilities

There are many educational facilities that have started to implement the use of metal detectors. This is largely due to the fact that there have been many stories of massive school shootings, terrorist’s acts, and other criminal acts that have occurred in many educational facilities around the nation. Educational facilities, whether they house preschool children or adults going to college, want to ensure that everyone that attends their facility is properly protected while attending. This is why it is important to implement a security system, or an assortment of security systems throughout various schools.


One of the main benefits of metal detectors at educational facilities is that it works to deter violence. Many people will recognize the metal detectors and will actually lower the amount of criminal activity that may occur at that particular educational facility. Many educational facilities use a combination or metal detectors and security cameras in order to effectively protect the students that attend the educational facility. Stopping crime before it stops is a great way to ensure that the students are protected while they pursue their education. This is one of the top benefits of metal detectors in educational facilities.

The second benefit of metal detectors at educational facilities is that many items can be discovered and stopped before they actually enter the school. These items include things like various kinds of guns, an assortment of knives, and many other different kinds of metals that a student may attempt to bring on campus. Most metal detectors that are placed at educational facilities in the area where students and staff members enter. There are also metal detectors placed in the areas where the faculty enters the school. This is a great way to ensure that there are no weapons on any one person in the school and that all people who work at the school are kept safe throughout their attendance.

While the benefits of metal detectors at educational facilities are numerous, there are a few disadvantages to metal detectors at educational facilities as well. One of the main disadvantages is that these metal detectors are not built to separate the metal from a keychain and the metal that a gun is composed on. The metal detectors identify metal in general. There are no specific types of metals that they look for. This means that jewelry, belt buckles, shoes, wired undergarments, and possibly even buttons can be picked up by the metal detector at an educational facility.

Most educational facilities around the nation are now starting to implement the use of metal detection devices. Some of these devices are handheld, while others are the type that students walk through. Many educational facilities also have conveyors in which students are to place their personal belongings. This is to properly scan the belongings for any type of metal that may be contained in them.


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