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Magicians, 3 shared secrets

All magicians have some secrets, you better be sure they wonít tell. It is common knowledge that magicians have signed a sworn oath never to reveal their trick to their audience. Although there are 3 secret that magician shared then entire year round. Here you can find those 3 secrets.

There are a couple of tricks in magic. The first tricks are hand tricks which require a lot of dexterity. You need a lot of agility to have objects appear in one hand and then appearing in your other hand. The younger generation of magicians are now using the old trick of hiding items in their sleeves.

Hand tricks are one of the toughest tricks to master. The rookies that do magic tricks especially the sleight of hands trick cheat a little and they often differ the attention of the crowd and this is how their illusion is created. With time when you get better, you will gain a lot from this as the people will be amazed as what you can do. Just donít get discouraged because this takes a long time and a lot of practice to get it right.

Next is one of the best art a magician can have. This art is called misdirection. For example a magician will ask the crowd if they can all see the piece of paper he is holding up. Of course everyone will look at the piece and say yes. But they donít look at the other magicianís hand taking another paper. Another example is how impressive the sexy assistants are on stage. Well not only do they all look good be they also have talent. The word says it; they assist the magician in its tricks on stage. They also keep the eyes off the main performer.

Last example is the look at the empty box prop. If someone suggests to you that a box is empty, then in your mind the box you are looking at is empty. How the magician gets to make stuff appear in that box is pure magicÖ

Again, this kind of skill will take a lot of time to master and a lost of practice. You will especially require your body to be well coordinated. Itís like doing two things at the same time. Misdirection is as old as magic itself and it is a key skill to have for a great magician.

Have you also noticed how magicians melt themselves with the crowd? They are always talking. The more they babble, the more unfocused you get, the more they succeed. Here are the words that might come out of a magicianís mouth: take a look at my right hand and watch what I do. Youíll never look at the other hand. This is where the deception lies. Youíll be so convinced that this is true that you will think that the hand is magical.

Finally the last trick in the book will be that your magician will enchant you with an entertaining story and you will forget completely about the hands and even the lovely assistants.

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