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To become a magician

If you want hard tasks in life you may want to pursue a career in magic. It will be a very difficult road ahead, but the rewards may be grand. To have fame (not necessarily fortune) just follow the following tips.

1. It may sound very corny, work hard in your studies and if your grades are good enough you might get a scholarship and even earn the very hard to get degree. Magic is a great hobby to have, however it is not an ideal career choice because the employment rates for a magician doesnít come around very often. Honestly you have as good of a chance to become a rich and famous magician than getting hit by lightning or win a singing contest when you know you donít have the voice. We just want you to be aware that it isnít always a rosy career and that itís extremely difficult to succeed and make it a living so just in case it doesnít work, you should consider a second career. As a historical fact did you know that many magicians have died without having any money?

2. If you get the chance when you attend high school and college, take a drama class. If you learn to act, know how magic sets are built and know how to produce this will help you building your new career. Another class than can get you improved is speech classes. This last class will help your presentations.

Of course you will gain an advantage if you know all the secrets in the book of magic but all and all you will have an even better advantage if you know the secret to great presentations.

3. Try to invent yourself a character. You should have a costume to build your character. This will get you help become your character. Why? Well why does a clown wear make up and a nose? Why does a doctor wear a white cloak? Because that is what they are and this is what they do. It is their job and it helps them get in the action and remind them of their job. Secondly, you should think of either having a stage name or not. Itís your choice, a stage name or your real name. The personality trait you have will also determine the kind of character you will be on stage. As time goes on youíll learn to like your character as he will become part of you.

4. The act. This is the crucial part. Begin by selecting the tricks you know. Find out what kind of magic tricks they are. Next step is to put the pen to paper and make an order in which you want to do them. Itís advisable to do the tricks that have no wow reaction at the beginning and as the show goes on, impress them with bigger tricks.

You should try and get your crowdís attention by doing the flashy stuff first. This will get your audience in the right mood.

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