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Let Las Vegas Cast A Spell On The Family

The thing about Vegas is that the shows are not for family viewings. Most of the shows that are popular are not apt for youngsters and children. Vegas has become synonymous with sex and sin. While such shows are a hit at the box office bringing in a lot of dollars they are not appropriate for youngsters and children to watch. However, the magic shows are fairly safe and very good for entertainment and offer healthy recreation for children, as they do not have content that is adult oriented.


Children not only love magic shows but they find them very fascinating. David Copperfield is a very well known name and one of the best in the field of magic and illusion. Children love magic shows so much that they usually sit glued to their seats right from the beginning till the very end. Magic shows do not send negative messages and you do not have to worry about being bored. Check for show nights and timings with the MGM Grand as the show plays fourteen days every month but the weeks that the show plays vary each month.

Dirk Arthurís shows at Tropicana are tremendous. Dirk Arthurís shows have no age restrictions and are not very expensive, the costs for table seating are $29 and booth seats cost round about $34. The show has many attractions like Bengal tigers, leopards, white tigers, different kinds of wildlife and beautiful women. This show exhibits an extreme form of magic - in other words it is an art of illusion. The show timings are 2 and 4 pm from Saturday to Thursday.

The Rick Thomas show is another very interesting show that one must watch at the Stardust Hotel. It is a show that is exquisitely choreographed and has showgirl type dancers and is one of the best daytime shows in Vegas. Along with being an excellent illusionist and magician, Rick Thomas is a tremendously talented showman. His shows keep little ones engrossed while on vacation. His shows timings are 2 and 4 pm Thursday through Tuesday at Wayne Newton Theater at the Stardust Hotel.

These are just a few that are worth mentioning. If you have not seen any of the shows that are mentioned above you may not have an idea of what you have missed. Though David Copperfield may be the Master and one of the finest in the world of magic and illusion, he sure has some serious competition. The child in us never really outgrows magic. As children, the world was such a magical place for us. These shows remind us about the magic that we left behind in our childhoods.

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