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Data Recovery Formats

Data recovery is very important if your hard drive crashes and you lose your files or can't access your drive. There are a few different data recovery formats which can help you. These formats range from the simple - backing up your files, to the complex - using a data recovery specialist. Which one you select will depend upon your level of technical expertise and the cause of your hard drive failure.


The simplest way to recover your files is from a storage unit which you use for regular back ups of your hard drives. You can use another hard drive for this purpose or a zip disk. You can also burn the files onto a CD or DVD. The important thing is to back up your files regularly and often. It is best to store your files in a separate location to keep them safe. Then when something happens to your hard drive you will still have your important files. As long as you have those, you can simply buy a new hard drive and start from scratch which will be much cheaper for you than taking your computer to a specialist, especially if the cause is an accidentally deleted file.

You could also take your hard drive to a specialist who has been trained in restoring data. In fact, if you notice your files being corrupted and your hard drive making strange noises, you should take it to a specialist right away before serious damage is done and files are lost for good. If you continue to use your hard drive in this circumstance it is possible you will write over your 'lost' files and make it hard or impossible to retrieve them.

Of course if you don't want to use a specialist to fix your hard drive and restore your data, you can try and do it yourself. This can be done in some cases with data recovery software. You should make sure that you know what you are doing first because you could damage the drive even further if you don't. One program is called FIRE and it will check for a computer virus and then search your computer for information on what cause it to crash so it can restore your data.

Computers that use Linux can use a program called Linux Disc Editor which will find files on damaged drives. NT file recover is used on Windows and DOS computers. This program finds NTFS information on a hard drive and converts it into FAT format.

Software isn't likely able to help you if your computer is damaged in a flood or fire however. In that case, the drive itself will have to be rebuilt by a specialist.

So you can see that just because your hard drive crashes, it doesn't mean that your files are lost for good. The important thing is that no matter which data recovery format you choose, you act quickly so further damage does not occur.


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Data Recovery

Although you may know a bit about computers and hard drives, data recovery is something that is best left to professionals. They have all the equipment and knowledge to recover files, without bringing more damage to the hard drive.


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