Gourmet Scallop Sauté Recipe

Seafood is a very popular dish when it comes to gourmet cooking. One of the most popular seafood dishes for gourmet cooking includes scallops. Many gourmet chefs add a pinch of zest and an ounce of originality when it comes to creating the perfect gourmet scallop sauté recipe. There are millions of gourmet scallop sauté recipes readily available. Ultimately, a gourmet chef will choose the gourmet scallop sauté recipe that meets their tastes. However, there are many general gourmet scallop sauté recipes that most people enjoy. If you are preparing scallops and would like a general gourmet scallop sauté recipe that most everyone will love, this article will instruct you on how to create it.


There are some general ingredients that will be required in order to create your gourmet scallop sauté recipe. These ingredients are as follows: 1) Five tablespoons of butter 2) Two tablespoons of garlic that is minced 3) Three tablespoons of onions that are minced 4) A half a teaspoon of salt 5) A sprinkle of pepper 6) Approximately three pounds of scallops 7) One and a half tablespoons of lemon juice 8) A pinch or two of flakes of red pepper 9) Approximately half a cup of parsley that is fresh

The following lists the steps that should be performed in order to create your gourmet scallop sauté recipe:

1) The first thing that should be done is that the pan should be preheated. The heat should be on high and the pan should be a special sauté pan. 2) The butter should be placed in the sauté pan and it should be allowed to be heated. 3) As the butter is melting, the ingredients of pepper, onion, salt, and garlic should be mixed in the sauté pan. 4) For about one to two minutes, these ingredients should be stirred. 5) Once the minute or two of stirring has passed, the scallops can be added to the pan. 6) It is important to consistently stir the scallops while they are in the sauté sauce. While butter is the best sauté, it is also the one sauté that can cause a food item to burn quickly. It is essential that the scallops are turned, flipped, and stirred as much as possible. This should occur for at least seven minutes. 7) Once the seven minutes have passed, you should then remove the scallops from the sauté pan. 8) You should then add the parsley, the lemon juice, and the pepper flakes that are red in color in the butter. 9) Once these ingredients are in the sauté pan, return the scallops to the pan and cook for another two to three minutes. 10) Once the mixture has been stirred and heated for approximately three minutes, you should then remove the scallops from the sauté pan once more. 11) The scallops can then be added to your gourmet dish.


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