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Collecting The Beautiful And Popular Candlewick Glassware

Candlewick glassware is a wonderful and simple form of glassware, but their exquisite design makes it extraordinary. These wonderfully designed glassware sets could be the exact choice for adding brightness to your home. There are variety of shapes, designs and colors of candlewick glassware.


Collectors and antique dealers show great respect to these antique art pieces. National Imperial Glass Collectors have regarded candlewick glassware as fine antiques. Apart from being beautiful, they also serve to be valuable assets and have caused a dramatic change in the glassware history.

History of candlewick glassware

Candlewick glassware is over a century old. Therefore this type of glassware is perfect for antique glassware collectors. Its beauty was admired by the National Imperial Glass Collectors Society in 1903. Even today, your house could be made much more beautiful by replacing your candle holders with the candlewick glassware. They are very useful, sturdy and have a beautiful design.

Never ever burn candles in this glassware though, as they are antique pieces to admire only. More distinctive glassware was introduced and developed after the huge impact created by society’s interest in candlewick glassware. The newer glassware was made more stylish and sturdy that the earlier ones produced.

Glass Collector’s Society

The development of candlewick glassware throughout history was marked by the National Imperial Glass Collector’s Society which recognized the glassware as elegant and profound pieces. It could take quite some time to search for the perfect piece of candlewick glassware for your home and luckily the Glass Collector’s Society has cataloged the pieces for you to make it easier.

The antiques are cataloged in the chronological order of each piece’s date of manufacture and this information is used by the passionate candlewick collectors. In the last 20 to 30 years the popularity of candlewick glassware has really soared. You can find candlewick glassware by visiting a studio near you or searching for it online or on eBay.

There are many candlewick glassware artists who are sought after for their unique designs and beautiful work. Some candlewick glassware collectors seek out particular artists and others collect pieces from certain time periods. Candlewick glassware is popular among antique glassware collectors and dealers. Collecting this type of glassware has proven to be very popular over the decades. Even if you are not so much into collecting but are just looking for beautiful elegant pieces with which to decorate your home, you can go wrong when you choose candlewick glassware. To see these pieces for yourself, you can visit a local gallery, antique store or even do a search online for websites selling this type of glassware. Don’t forget to check auction sites such as eBay for some good deals.


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