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It has happened to all of us at sometime or the other. We may have lost contact with a friend or family member and suddenly something reminds us of them and we want to get back in touch with that person. The fastest and easiest way to contact someone these days is by email. Or maybe you need to send some very important documentation and have lost the email address. It could be that you are getting a lot of anonymous emails and are trying to find out who it is coming from.


There are various methods of conducting an email lookup find people. But for all searches you should follow a few tips for optimum results.

Tip#1: Avoid using traditional search techniques: In the past we conducted public record searches in order to unearth a person’s personal information. That method has become redundant while doing an email lookup find people, the reason being that email addresses are not maintained as public records in any public registry.

Tip#2: Free Email Address Search: the best way to search for an email address is do it online, over the Internet. An ever increasing number of websites provide email lookup find people services. All you need to conduct a successful search is the person’s last name and the city or zip location. Any extra information is always helpful towards ensuring a speedy successful person search.

Tip#3: Fee-Based Email Address Search: there are as many fee based search portals for email address as there are free ones. Most of the fee-based websites offer you a carrot by way of a free search to tempt you. You read through their various options and enter the information you have. Once they’ve managed to get you this far, they let you down. You will get come to a “no results found” page. This is followed by helpful suggestions and suggested links.

These links then give you various options where you can make a payment if you want to further your search. Depending on your need you could decide to go ahead or just dump it and go to another site. What you need to make sure before making a payment though is that this site does offer secured payment facilities. Don’t forget to read that all-important fine print, where all the loopholes lie hidden.

Tip#4: Email Directories: Yahoo, Who-Where, LAF, Switchboard, InfoSpace and Bigfoot are the major email directories on the web. Not many people know this but every email address finder company would be using at least one of these directories.

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