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There are things in the universe that we simply cannot escape like taxes, death etc. But there is one more thing that guides our lives whether we believe it or not, whether we are black or white. We are all living in a world that has symbols and it dictates our lives whether we like it or not. Itís true when you think about it. Just look at the traffic signs all over the place left and right. But there are also the symbols that are non-visible. For example there are the meanings of words.

To us who lives in America or have the Occidental philosophy, the people from the Orient and all their mumbo jumbo seems a little farfetched for us.

Feng shui is basically a way to draw to you the positive energy there is in the universe. To help a person with that a series of symbols (signs) are employed.

Because what we desire above all else in life (health, money, to be happy) these are the symbols that appear everywhere for those who practice Feng shui. So as you can see, we might have different cultures, but in the end, we all want the same things in life whether weíre Chinese or Canadians. So what is wrong with a little help?

Here are a few beliefs according to Feng shui followers:
People that want money try this popular method. They cut a red ribbon in 9 pieces and they attach three coins together. They are then attached to a doorknob. To those addicted to numerology it makes sense because 9 is the highest number in a series from 0 to 9.
For protection, the Chinese get Fu dogs (not real ones) and they place them on the stairs or in the entry. By protection we mean protection of the home not physical.

Have you ever been mesmerized by the soothing sound or the magnificent sight of a water fountain? Well, many others are. Europeans just go nuts over this item. They even put it in their homes sometimes. If youíre becoming an addict to Feng shui, get one if you want more cash coming your way.

Taking care of the environment is a must for the people that practices Feng shui. A few examples of this is cutting the grass, burning fallen leaves etc. It could be anything to make the landscape prettier. The Orientals will do every thing that we do (us Occidentals) but they believe that this will bring them good life forces or the chi.

If you want to have good luck then you can try the following: Get a fountain or a pond in your backyard with 9 fishes in it. There must be eight goldfish and one black fish. Gold will attract the good luck and the bad luck will be taken by the black fish.

This was only one of few possible things to improve your life. Feng shui is a way of life and it does look like other philosophy, but in the end, you will see that itís not quite the same.

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