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Improving the Bedroom with Feng Shui

If you want a nice bedroom preferably, it will be rectangular. If not, try to make it square. Lastly if you have no choice, other shapes are your options. Why do you think it should be rectangular? Because you can decorate it better. Think of your desk or your bed what shapes are they made out of? You will just feel that something doesn’t fit when an object is round.

The experts have a few explanations for this. What you have to remember is that when you’re in your house the master bedroom is the ‘crème de la crème”. Also remember that this is where you rest. You have to agree with me that if something in the bedroom it shows in every other department of your life. So when the masters of Feng Shui give you advice on how you should organize your bedroom, take a good listen to them.

There is another important point to take into account if you really want to ‘Feng Shuise’your house to the maximum. The location on the four cardinal points is essential.

When placing the bed, you should also look at how your room is decorated and then use bed sheets appropriately. The experts in Feng Shui, teaches that every little things count.

As mentioned before, if you want your room to be in perfect harmony for Feng Shui, it needs to be rectangular. However since the tastes are in the nature, if you want to have a room with another shape then it’s up to you. A little tip if you live in a room that is not totally rectangular. Use dividers and you will often find that with a little imagination, you can make your room look rectangular. This might seem a little odd, but you should avoid putting mirrors in your bedroom because it could interfere with the curing powers of Feng Shui.

If we get a little deeper into Feng Shui, you should know that humans all have what masters call Kua number. Eventually, this will dictate where we should place the bed in our bedroom. For useful purposes, the second best position takes place if the best option is not available (say a heater or something like that is in the way.) If you really want the best possible harmony in your bedroom leave everything up to the experts as they are used to that and will know what’s best for your health.

Another suggestion that Feng Shui experts give us is that we should not have a room decorated like a carnival as we will not be inclined to go to sleep. Instead, we will concentrate on all the beautiful colors we have in our room. It might be a little boring but a color that is dull is preferred. But again as we mentioned earlier, the tastes are in the nature so you could always go with a color that makes you ‘tired’. Finally if you want help the romance in your couple to be a little more spicy, place decorations facing west or south.

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Feng Shui really has power|

The nature of Feng Shui is tapping into the universal energy.


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