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Different Types of Hand Embroidery

When talking about embroidery, it leads us to think about stitching. There are generally two methods of stitching that can be done by either stitch by hand or sew by sewing machine. Hand embroidery is more complex between the two methods as every parts and details on your work has to be done very carefully. It also takes a much longer time as hand embroidery requires more creativity and involves the use of your nimble fingers. As a result of this nature, hand embroidery is said to demand more efforts and determination to complete the job.

There are different types of hand embroidery and they are very different in terms of the techniques applied, and the final results of the designs and patterns. It should also be noted that they are different in their origin. Although they are significantly different, they are capable of developing splendid pieces of art.

Cross-stitch is one of the more popular types of hand embroidery. Many people who have interest in hand embroidery should be familiar with cross-stitch and even ever done this at least once. Today, its popularity is still increasing as compared to the other types. Images or designs are simply created in cross-stitch by forming X-shaped stitches on a coloured fabric. Learning to make cross-stitch is not difficult and you would be elated to find so many different patterns and designs out there for you to choose from for your next cross-stitch project.

Another type of hand embroidery is the canvas work which stitches would be done on a canvas. Different kinds of thick threads are used to create the canvas works. You can find threads with different texture available which can be suitable for your work. These threads can come in pure silk, metallic and many others.

Ribbon embroidery is the next type of hand embroidery you should know. Not a modern method as it has been around for many years. Ribbon, perle cotton, and embroidery floss are used in ribbon embroidery to form a stitch pattern or design that can be quite outstanding. The results are more of a romantic appeal. This is another easy method to learn and the process can be fun.

Originated from the time of Henry VIII, the Blackwork embroidery is another well-known method. Black thread stitched is formed on a white fabric in this type of work. The craft made using this method looks thicker and appealing because of its even weave with the threads being twisted

The Bargello embroidery which originated in medieval Italy is another method in hand embroidery. Traditionally, a piece of wool canvas is being crafted with vertical and upright flat stitches which measured in different lengths and sizes. It is usually done for carpets, pillows, and upholstery

Apart from the above mentioned types of hand embroidery, there are others like the Assisi embroidery, hardanger embroidery, white work, and counted-thread embroidery. They are similar in ways that they are not difficult to learn and fun to make.

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