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Is There Such a Thing as Free Domain Name Registration?

You may be wondering that whether there are exits such thing as a free domain name or not. Every one would like to have one. But in reality, the free domains are not totally free. You will have to pay money in some way. So itís not really free of cost.


Registrars pay a small fee to ICANN in order to register the domain name. So it is not possible that the company that you think if offering a free domain name can afford it. On the other hand, why donít you buy a domain name? Do you think that it will cost u a lot to buy a domain name? The truth is that the domain names are as cheap as five dollars. So isnít this a great option? Donít waste time in trying to find a free domain name. Can you believe that today you will be able to find a domain name for one dollar?

Dot com domain names are expensive than other domains like dot info. However people prefer to use dot com domains as they are easy to remember and they are also easy to type. You can get a dot info domain name for less than a dollar, amazing, isnít it? So, buying a domain name is a great option instead of searching for free domain names. Some companies offer great plans which also include the longer expiration periods as well as other things.

Making the decision of selecting the right registrar is very important. Buy a domain names from a company whose costumer service is excellent. The company has to do quite some work in order to register your domain. Selecting the best company for buying a domain name is very much important. For example, if you have any problem with your domain, you will be required to correct this problem as soon as possible because you will have a huge traffic on your site. So in this case, you will have to contact the domain name provider company and ask them to fix it. The company should be fast enough to do it in minimum time. You can ask other people and observe their opinions about different domain names registrars.

It is possible to find a company that offers free sub domain but a company that can offers totally free domain is not possible at all. Buying a domain name is pretty much easier and inexpressive, so the best option is to buy a domain name rather than search for companies that offers free domains. In the end if you still want to buy a free domain, then keep one thing in your mind that you will need to read all the conditions and terms for the company policy before you accept any of their offer.

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