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What is an Expired Domain Name?

Domain names get expired and if you are wondering that why this happens then here is the reason. When you registered a domain name, it is set for a period of time. When that time is expired, the domain gets expired too.


Most of the time, the expiration period is of one year but it can be extended for longer time. It depends on your selection of the package at the time you register your domain. You will have to pay to renew your domain at the end of the year. However, if you have registered your domain for a period of one year and failing to renew it will result to the termination of your domain name. When your domain name is expired, you then are no longer having the access to control your domain. It is also possible that your domain name will be sold to other users. Do you think you can let go your domain name away? Will you lose the domain name? What will happen if your website is getting a huge traffic and because of the fact that your domain gets expired, you lost your huge traffic domain name. What will you do? Will you buy another domain name with the same name? Is this possible? The answer is no, there can’t be two similar domain names.

You can get your expired domain name back but why to take a risk of losing it. It is extremely risky to leave your domain name expired and not getting it back. There are software’s that track such things and are used by the people who are closely monitoring it. This software can show you the date on which your domain is set to expire and it can also show the reciprocal link status and page rank. Your website is probably being monitored to see if you are going to renew it if your website getting traffic and has some links too. If you are unable to renew it in time then, the software will snap it before you have a chance to get it back. So it is better to buy a plan that has an expiry date of few years.

You can also prevent this from happening by renewing on the time. You will get email notifications from the registrars for the renewal. It is possible that you may not receive the emails because of some reasons, so don’t rely on emails. There is a grace period of time when you can renew your domain. If you fail to renew it in these times, then the domain will be expired. So it’s better to buy plans that offer longer expiration dates. These plans also include other interesting offers.

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