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Tips for the Well Groomed Dog

Proper dog grooming is essential to good health. It is difficult to tell when your dog just doesn’t feel right. Grooming is a way of bonding and getting to know your pet and is a preventative medicine technique that will pay off with a healthy and happy pet.


Brushing keeps your pet free of parasites such as ticks and removes small twigs and nettle he may pick up. Weekly use of a stiff wire brush or comb will avoid tangles before they become matted fur that has to be cut away. Using a soft brush distributes lanolin through the fur and is a pleasant thing your dog will enjoy and thank you for in his own way. Brushing removes any loose fur and allows the dog to perspire better through his skin and regulate body heat. Frequent dog bathing is a must as it removes build up perspiration, loose hair and excess skin oils, all of which keep your pup’s coat healthy and attractive.

Remember to check your dog’s teeth often. Dogs can get cavities just like humans and are also subject to Gingivitis. Have your veterinarian professionally clean and check your dog’s teeth as part of regularly scheduled health checkups. Brush the dog’s teeth in between visits with a soft toothbrush and special toothpaste you’ll find at a pet supply store. This should be done twice a week. Bones and chlorophyll chews should be given to promote healthy gums and better breath. When you are giving your dog the once over, don’t forget his ears. These are especially delicate and prone to infection and ear mites. Take a cotton pad with mineral oil added and gently clean the inside of the ears and around the ear canal. Check the appearance for scaly or red patches. Make certain there is no odor from the ear or excessive head shaking. If you notice either, call your veterinarian for a thorough ear examination.

Another dog grooming tip is to pay attention to your dog’s nail and footpads. Of course, trim the nails often so that only a small amount need be removed each time to maintain proper length. Removing too much can cut into the dog’s cuticle, causing bleeding and pain. Avoid this at all costs.

Bathing your pet with a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for the dog’s breed is a fundamental grooming tip. Afterwards, dry off your dog with his own designated towel and/or blow dryer. This will prevent snarls and keep the dog warm.

When you establish a dog grooming routine using these tops, you will have an additional activity that is fun to share with your best friend.


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