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Finding Motocross Parts Dealers

Forget Formula-1, forget Nascar and forget stock cars. The coolest thing today with a motor is dirt biking. The simple and obvious reason is that they can do those death defying stunts the others can't do (or at least not on purpose). The professionals making a life out of this to entertain you are aware that this is a sport that can take their life at any moment. So let's say that you decided to push aside all the good advice your mom gave you as a kid (about all the dangers you might get yourself into if you speed). You may want to become the main event in a show but you should at least learn all there is to know about motocross.


Don't get over excited so soon. You need to do a couple of precautions before everything for your physical safety. Well, you need to have a tune up (have the parts of your motocross checked out to make sure everything is all right) and have all the parts obviously. But the reason it is so important that you keep your bike in shape is that you will use your bike and really play hard with it, rough it up, bang it left and right etc. It's a wicked thing to be a motocross bike. If it could talk it would say, I'll give you the best of me if you take care of me. They were designed for taking a beating. But because this sport is getting popular we see more and more persons selling bike stuff (parts and bikes) and even though some may be used, you can find them almost new. Of course the most obvious place to look for is the newspaper in your region. Don't worry, the dealers are always at an appropriate location. Also one of the coolest thing is that you won't have to wait for a part if you want it.

It may be a shock for you but there is yet another place to look for if you want those hard to come by pieces. Just try your luck on the Internet. It may be your lucky day and someone may have exactly what you need. Because the supply is usually higher than the demand, you get the best prices ever. Inquire if they can deliver your part where you live because if you have no means of transportation, you can have a hard time carrying it with you. If you want to meet bike nuts like you then this is the place. No one will mind talking about their experience or tell you where you their parts.

There is nothing wrong with asking people if they know someone who knows someone that may know how to find the part you're looking for. Because it is extremely time consuming, you may want to explore that last option to not get discouraged. Never forget that the most expert person for fixing your bike is mechanics that specializes in that. He will know what to do if it starts going 'wazoo' on you.


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