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Computer Training in Web Designing

Introduction to Computer Training
The use of the Internet has expanded into dimensions nobody could have predicted. The explosion of creativity has resulted in the creation of tens of millions of Web sites. All of these sites were first created with web design software; all other sites that will be created in the future will also need web design expertise. There will thus be a continuing need for people who have these skills, which can be obtained from computer training courses in web design.


There are many computer education institutes and universities that offer Web designing courses. Some institutions will offer degree programs in computer science with specializations in Web designing and Web programming. If you have difficulty fitting your schedule to classroom instructions, you can look for online courses on web designing.

Course Overview

Web design courses will allow you to design web pages or an entire website. Usually you will utilize HTML and other media. A collection of web pages will make up a website.

The web design course will teach you to look at the various aspects in the design of a website. You will be trained to examine content, which refers to the information that you will put on the website. You will have to think about the ease of using the site, thus its navigability.

The student must also learn how to work on the appearance of the site, especially the style of presentation, use of fonts, quality of images presented, and other aesthetic considerations. Finally, you must try to maximize the visibility of a website, which implies that the programming protocols you use must be as compatible as possible with the search engines that will look up your site.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

HTML is one of the most common programming languages used for Web-based applications. The hypertext in HTML refers to plain text to which the programmer adds commands on formatting and its links to other documents. Most creators of web pages use HTML to markup the language, that is, to add extra commands to ordinary text that will send instructions to the browser how it should display the text.

The use of HTML really helped to spark the Internet revolution; this is an indication of how useful HTML is in Web design activities. You will have to undergo several hours of theoretical orientation in the HTML language prior to several more hours in actual computer work.

The course instructions will cover techniques on how to format web pages and manipulate text using the HTML protocols, and the insertion of links, buttons, images, tables and lists. The student will learn to use HTML as the means to incorporate the artistic dimensions and elements that make an attention-grabbing Web page and to avoid those design mistakes that make a web page look flat and banal.


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