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Funding Your College Education With An Athletic Scholarship

Many of college bound students today are very athletic with aptitudes in sports. Some students are good at football, swimming, track and field, while others excel in baseball, golf, tennis, basketball and the list goes on.


However athletic scholarships do not come easily because there are so many talented students. They are designed for students who excel in sports and who also are able to acquire a good grade average. Depending on the sport, some scholarships are harder to get than others. It is contingent upon how may students are applying and how many qualified applicants they have.

If you are one of these student athletes who is interested in acquiring a scholarship, you should begin looking at colleges and universities as early as your sophomore year. The first step is to look for the colleges which have academic programs that are similar to your interests.

It depends on the college but, you may want to think about applying to a smaller college, because you may stand out from the crowd. You certainly have the option to apply to larger schools, but the competition is going to be much stiffer.

You may also want to take into consideration that the stakes will be much higher at the college level. The first step would be to speak with your trainer or coach and find out if you have the potential to play on a college and possibly a professional level at some point.

The competition is much more advanced and there will be a wide variety of good and great athletes that you will be competing with. If you are a great player in your community, however on a larger scale you may be considered mediocre.

There are several ways to apply for an athletic scholarship. You may want to obtain several applications. There are several athletic scouts who have some advice for you. They travel around the country looking for talented athletes in specific sports.

Your sophomore year is very important. You need to maintain very high grades to meet the academic requirements. Also take stock of your accomplishments as an athlete. Speak to your coach and request advice and recommendations.

Also, take into consideration the schools that offer a balance between sports and academics. Remember you have to excel at academics as well as sports. Visit the colleges you are interested in attending and speak to the coaches and academic advisors. Let them know what you have achieved and that you are eager to learn more and to excel in sports and academics.

Let them know what you are very good at and also some areas that you believe that you could improve upon with their help. Certainly let them know that you are looking for a scholarship. Apply to as many schools as possible.


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