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Unwind in the Majestic Cashmere Blanket

Have you ever considered putting a cashmere blanket on your bed? If you have already tried woolen blankets before, you know how they can be a good defense against cold nights and shivery mornings. But you also know how heavy woolen blankets can be. With a cashmere blanket, you will be warm under the covers but you won’t be burdened by the weight.


Cashmere can provide natural insulation as well as wool, but it is lighter and softer than wool. It comes from the down in the underbelly and neck of goats raised way up in the mountains of the Himalayas and cold steppes of China. These fine hairs are the goats’ only protection against the fierce winter cold in those climes. That ability to protect against cold is what you have in a cashmere blanket.

Pure cashmere is one of the softest fibers in nature. For wool to be considered true cashmere, it must be at least 3.175 centimeters (slightly longer than an inch) long and be less than 18.5 microns in diameter (1 micron is one-millionth of a meter). The cashmere from China is even finer, at only about 15 microns in diameter. That makes for very soft fiber, indeed.

These qualities make pure cashmere fabric expensive. You can now understand the reason for the high price tags on cashmere sweaters. But then, you might think, a cashmere blanket would cost a small fortune!

If it is 100 percent pure cashmere, then it might cost that. To make cashmere blankets more affordable, some manufacturers may blend pure cashmere fiber with some other wool. The coarser guard hairs on the outside parts of the goat may be used or the less fine cashmere from other countries. The blended fabric may not exactly be as soft as pure cashmere, but it will cost significantly lower. It will also be lighter and softer than a pure woolen blanket.

For purists who can afford it, a pure cashmere blanket would really be a patch of heavenly softness in the bedroom. The blanket will go well with other accessories like embroidery work, monograms and floral designs. But even the blended blankets deserve as much care and consideration. They still come at a price.

If you are decided on getting a cashmere blanket for the bedroom, it pays to shop around. There are many online sites for cashmere products, and they do carry blankets on their inventory. While cashmere from China may be the most expensive because it has the finest diameter, fabric made from the cashmere of Iran, Afghanistan and other producing countries may cost you less. Whatever blanket you finally buy, one thing is certain: your bed will become an even more comfortable place to sleep in with a cashmere blanket to protect you from the cold.


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