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What to Find in a Camcorder Microphone

One of the parts of a camcorder that you will need to consider when buying one is the built in camcorder microphone that is being used. A good camcorder microphone can help to read audio with ease and to get everything to be heard clearly and equally. There are two parts that you will need to especially consider when looking for a good camcorder microphone. These parts are the pulse code modulation and the sampling and quantization quality of the camcorder microphone.


Pulse code modulation is important for a camcorder microphone. This is needed so that audio playback on the recordable media will be perfect. There are two different methods of audio recording for a camcorder microphone that uses pulse code modulation. The first is 16-bit stereo recording, which is also two channel style. This helps to make the sound quality be at a greater level. The two 12-bit stereo recording, or four channel style, method of recording is at a lower level of quality but it still uses two stereo conduits.

It is best that for a camcorder microphone one of those styles of pulse code modulation is used. With this method the audio quality will be greater and will work in stereo quality.

Sampling and quantization is the second part of what to find in a camcorder microphone. This is needed for a camcorder microphone that uses either two or four channel stereo recording so that the level of purity of sound is greater. The sound will be converted with ease.

Sampling works to check the sound waves at various points when recording. The intervals used in sampling will be sent together in groups to get the audio to work properly with the video. Better sound quality is created when sampling occurs more often. A good sampling rate for a camcorder microphone is in between the 32 to 48 kHz level. This means that the audio is being measured through the camcorder microphone at a level of 32 to 48 time per second.

Quantization works in a camcorder microphone after sampling. It changes the sampling value into a digitized form. The numbers in this form will then be categorized into a two channel (16 bits) or four channel (12 bits) level of sound quality. When more bits are used for audio storage the level of accuracy with mirroring the sound will be greater.

These are all parts of a camcorder microphone to consider. A camcorder microphone should be one that helps to sample sounds at frequent intervals and can use quantization with ease. Pulse code modulation is also needed for helping to get the sound into a stereo level of quality. These features should always be considered when looking for a camcorder that you can feel comfortable with.

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