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A Guide To Internet Strategy In Corporate Branding

In any business, reputation is king. As a company, you’ve taken every step possible to enhance public awareness of you, and why your company should be chosen over the competitors. Target groups have been marketed and interviewed, a niche has been determined and everything is in place for you to be the first name on people’s lips when they need the product you provide.


You cross-reference with your marketing team; you double-check with your suppliers and buyers; most of all, you already know the customer is ready from promotional feedback. All bases are covered and you happily wait in the knowledge that you can do no more. Or can you?

Have you included everything that both clients and customers need to know with regards to your company’s strategic branding? Does your corporate branding even take into account using the Internet strategically to promote your brand?

Internet Strategy In Corporate Branding – The Online Approach

Having An Online Presence – as obvious as it may seem, unless your website has the right name, then you’re already wasting many marketing hours. It’s not as simple as simply using your existing company name. If you can, then it is a simple process of a fee to register your details. However, with so many similar-sounding brands in business today, you may not be able to do this. If this is the case, you should choose a name as similar as possible to your existing corporate strategy and business name. Don’t be afraid to use a little creativity and step outside the box – short and simple is the best way forward in getting people to remember you

Using A Hosting Service – Now that you have the right website name, you need to ensure it is maintained properly. Web hosting companies will do exactly that – they will “host” your details, including name, website and all content and provide valuable back-up should you run into problems.

Nothing Is As Valuable As Information – In any corporate branding, and especially when the Internet is used for corporate branding, this is one of the most important and critical aspects. If you want customers to repeat visit and purchase from your site, they need to feel safe in the knowledge that they do not need to visit any other sites. Be authorative in your design, but be simple; encourage the customer to explore, without the worry of being lost in a maze of information that is not relevant to them. Let them feel that you know exactly what it is they need, and that you’re the company to supply this.

Website Promotion – Just as important as keeping your customers happy, is having the customers come to you in the first place. To bring customers to your site, make use of the various Search Engines that are available, whether they are the simplest of the free ones, or the dedicated traffic management ones. Although there are costs involved here, these search engines are more tailored to directing traffic to your site. Advertising on other websites, where a high volume of visitors passes through, is another option. Choose the best method for you.

Design And Ease Of Use Are Paramount– So you have your customers and they’re beginning to visit your site. However, another key point in Internet branding strategy is the ease in which the customers can move around your site, and indeed, how enticing it is to do so. Don’t be afraid to incorporate interactive areas – have short questionnaires for customers to fill in; provide a comment box for them to write in. Feeling a part of a professionally designed website will encourage the visitor to return time and time again.

Have An Online Store And Excellent Service – the Internet is fast replacing the traditional methods of purchasing goods, and your website should offer this option. Have your products readily available for viewing and purchasing – ensure that you have installed a fully functional e-commerce software, protected by a secure server (which your hosting company can provide) for any online transactions. Make this as simple to use as the main website itself. Provide a calendar with delivery timescales that the customer can look at and be confident that a purchase will be delivered at that given date. Most importantly, have a solid customer service feature, as in a helpdesk, that is efficient and hassle-free.

Your Corporate Branding – Using The Internet Strategically

There really is no reason to stall in using the Internet in conjunction with your strategy for your company’s corporate branding. More so than ever, in this digital age, ensuring that your company has an online presence that is easy to find and navigate is the way forward to establishing your company as the Number One supplier in your field.


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