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The Convenience Of A Portable Auto Navigation GPS Unit

To make driving easier and safer, many people are looking to the new auto navigation GPS units that are available today. Especially when driving in unfamiliar cities, these units are extremely useful for giving turn by turn directions so you donít have to worry about getting lost in strange and possibly unsafe locations. Many new cars come ready with build in GPS auto navigation systems. But if you donít have a newer car or donít want to pay the hefty price for a built in unit, you can still avail of this useful technology by utilizing a portable GPS unit. The portable units are much less expensive and easy to use for navigation while you are driving.


The portable units work in the same way as the permanently installed GPS devices, the difference being that the portable unit can be removed and taken with you if you switch locations such as when you go out on your boat or hiking.

GPS units are generally very user friendly and easy to operate. City specific software can be downloaded into the unit so that you will have complete information about restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other points of interest right at your fingertips. The portable auto navigation system will show your progress on the screen and detail information about your surroundings the entire length of your trip and also provide you with turn by turn directions.

The portable car navigation units are easy to install because in most cases all you will have to do is press it onto the dash and the unit will attach itself via suction cups. It couldnít get easier than that. When you are ready to remove it from your car all you have to do is release the suction and take it with you. This means you will have an auto navigation system no matter what car you are driving, even rental cars.

Portable auto navigation GPS systems rely on voice recognition technology so you donít have to worry about taking your eyes from the road. Simply speak your commands and the GPS will reply to you by voice as well. If you get low on gas, all you have to do is ask the unit where the nearest gas station is and the unit will reply with the exact location and tell you how to get there.

Once you have experienced driving with an auto navigation GPS system, you will wonder how you ever managed to get along without it before. No more stopping at gas stations just for directions, and no more getting lost in strange locations. And thanks to the ease of use and affordability of the portable GPS navigation units, it is now possible for most anyone to be able to use this wonderful new technology.

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