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GPS Auto Navigation Units- Plug In And Go!

The technological leap is right in front of us. There are plenty of devices available to assist us and give us support in our day to day living. The modern era has many computer aided gadgets which will make our lives easy. One such gadget is the auto navigation GPS system.


A GPS system comprises of antennas and receivers to decipher the signals from the satellites especially launched for the purpose. The use of GPS systems in marine technology is a well established factor. The ever increasing applications which are available for terrestrial use with the help of satellites are under study and the major one among them is the auto navigation GPS system.

A GPS auto navigation system calculates the time factor

A GPS unit which has the capability of deducing the proper route for you while you are traveling achieves this in four ways. First step of choosing the route is the time factor. The GPS unitís advanced algorithm calculates the shortest time with the possible speed limits also.

A GPS auto navigation system calculates the shortest route

The next is the shortest route possible. The best of the calculations are made to find out the shortest route of travel from one place to another. While calculating the route possible, the use of highways is often taken into account so that the usage of main roads is less and instead the side roads are made use of. This, in fact, saves lots of time and gas. The freeways are taken into account to help traveling be smoother and faster.

A GPS auto navigation system offers interactive, easy to view onscreen maps

Map view is the fabulous guidance screen made available in nine colors to choose from. The viewing of the map is made easy with the high resolution icons and texts. You can zoom in and out of the map for detailed viewing. The road view facility encourages the maneuverability at the cross roads and intersections. The third view is the maneuver list screen. It gives details about the list of turns and intersections while you are driving.

The GPS unit should have the minimum features. The magnetic compass, wrist strap, altimeter and prolonged battery life are the basic features which should come with the unit.

By the press of the button you can avoid a route which you do not prefer. This facility is called route exclusion. Any immediate requirement of selection of a place is instantaneously elaborated and auto correction of spelling and grammar is a sure guide for a secure route selection.

The installation of the unit is the easiest of all. The plug in is truly that. Most auto navigation GPS unties come preloaded with city map software so all you have to do is plug in and you are ready to start your road trip.

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Telematics, GPS go in the right direction

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