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If you are interested even in the little bit in the new age then you certainly heard of the Law of Attraction. The theory behind it is that people can have whatever they desire if they think about it very, very hard up to the point where they can actually feel it even though itís not completely there yet. It will also mention to you that even though you can become what you like, you can receive the bad as well.

The Law of Attraction will work whether you like it or not. It always was and always will be that way. As long as there are people with feelings or beliefs or wishes then its idea survives. You know that everything you do leaves a print in space well itís the same with our feelings or wishes. A person teaching quantum physics will tell you that the Law of Attraction does exist just like the sun lights up the sky during the day. Because some things are so hard to prove or distinguish, some might consider it faith or something that was just meant to happen. Well this meant to happen is the law we are talking about.

The Law of Attraction will also tell you or teach you that if you think of something positive really badly, it will happen, but inversely if your thoughts on your wish are negative, then you will have something bad happening to you. Well some bad things that do happen are unrelated to the law, but in most cases it is. In any case, you shouldnít feel negative all the time because it is not good for your mental health. For example, if at every time of the day you are scared you will be mugged at every corner, then chances are your wishes will one day come true.

However there are cases where the Law of attraction does not apply. Obviously a baby that has been abused whether physically or sexually cannot even begin to comprehend what is going on and certainly doesnít have the capabilities to say I want this to happen to me. Now, if we return to our mind, think of your environment as a comic strip where the book is created as you turn the pages (your existence) In other words, you are the one responsible for the environment you create. Youíre the puppeteer and people and events around you are your puppets. Is your life the way you imagined it? If so you know what you have to do. Just change the script. We are all different so anyone can create what they want or live in world they choose to create. No one can create it for you. Sometimes if something doesnít go your way, it doesnít mean that you did something wrong or the law doesnít work. It could simply mean someone wanted that to happen to you.

When you finally decide that you are tired of your same boring non productive life, only real pure positive thinking will change your life and make the desired effects. Next thing you know, you will be living your dream. Our brain is a great tool; letís use it to the best of our abilities.

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