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The World of WTA Tennis – How You Can Join

Whereas the men have ATP tennis, the women have WTA tennis. The WTA features many of the world’s best female tennis players who go around the world and compete for glory in the sport of tennis. If you are a woman who is talented in tennis then you should consider joining the WTA tour to get a chance at tennis glory. However, for joining the WTA tour there are some steps that you must take.


The first step to take for joining the WTA tour is to fulfill the requirements needed for joining the WTA tour. A Mandatory Player Form will be needed to be filled out. This has to be sent in every year by any person who wants to get into the WTA tour. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour website has the forms needed, and the information must be sent by fax to the WTA’s Florida office.

Coach and agent information will be needed to be listed on the Mandatory Player Form. The Anti-Doping Consent and Player Agreements will need to be agreed upon and signed too. This means that you will need to agree on drug tests.

When you apply for joining the WTA tour for the first time you will need to send in a copy of your birth certificate or passport, and if you are under the age of eighteen you’ll need to fill out a Minor Medical Release Information form and get parental or guardian approval.

An annual physical check is also needed for joining the WTA tour. This means the athlete must be physically fit enough to get into the tour. Reaching all minimum educational requirements in accordance with your country of origin is also needed.

Joining the WTA tour can have additional advantages. Career opportunities are offered, as the WTA features educational assistance for its members. Also, the Rookie Phase is a requirement for all new members. This is where the player is taught about her individual responsibilities on the tour and what is expected of her on the court.

There are various opportunities given to women who are working on joining the WTA tour. There is a mentoring program, Partners for Success, that gives a veteran tennis player as a mentor to WTA members in the Top 100 singles rankings.

Athlete Assistance works for WTA members to help them with their professional careers. This involves improving a player’s performance and correcting other problems that may be common.

Media training is another part of joining the WTA tour to work on. This is where WTA members are taught on how to handle the media. Advanced lessons are given to people in the Premier and Elite phases.

Parent orientation is also important for joining the WTA tour. All parents of children looking to join the WTA must attend and finish parent orientation processes so that they can manage their children while they are in the WTA and will be able to help them in any problems in their professional careers.


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