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Boosting Your Property Value with a Swimming Pool

There are many benefits to be had from having your very own swimming pool in your backyard, such as family fun, rest and relaxation, physical exercise, etc. But, did you know that when you put in a good quality swimming pool you also increase the retail value of your home? If you look at the fair market value of your home, and then add a pool, odds are it will be significantly increased. In fact, some homeowners will install a pool, even when they plan to sell the home, just to get that extra money from the seller. The money you spend on the pool will be a very smart investment, when you see the kind of return you will receive when you sell the property. So, in many instances, a pool should be considered as much an investment as a recreational tool.


The best type of pool for you to install, particularly if you are looking to add retail value to your home, is an in ground pool. While these pools are considerably more expensive than the above ground pools, they offer many unique options, such as varying depths, that above ground pools canít really offer. In ground pools are also considered to be a more permanent fixture with the home, since they canít be moved and relocated to a new location. It does take quite a bit of time to plan for, design, and have your in ground pool installed, so be prepared to wait for a while before you can dive in. It can be difficult to wait even a day longer, but you will find that it was well worth the wait!

If you have an above ground pool, you can add even more value to your home by adding a great deck or privacy fence. While above ground pools are much cheaper than in ground pools, they are better then nothing, and can be a great way to have some fun with the family, rather than having to actually pack up everything for a day at the local community pool! Above ground pools can be moved with you, if you decide to sell your home, or you can leave them in for the extra market value they afford you, it is your decision.

Some people even decide to install a hot tub, rather than a swimming pool. Hot tubs are still rather expensive, but are a great way to add extra value to your home. There is nothing more relaxing than a nice, long soak in the hot tub, especially if you have joint or muscle problems. Hot tubs are nice, especially in cold weather, and often require a lot less maintenance than swimming pools do, which is another bonus.

Regardless of whether you decide to install an in ground pool, above ground pool, or hot tub, you should take your time and pick the perfect spot for it on your property. You want to think about privacy issues, the sun, the view, etc. If you need a privacy fence, or safety fence, you should install it all at the same time, to minimize the costs.

Donít forget to check with your local city office to find out what kind of rules and regulations they have regarding the installation of pools and hot tubs. You donít want to spend such a large amount of money only to find that you have to do alterations or remove it entirely due to a city ordinance you didnít know about!


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