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Summer Jobs In the “Sitting” Industry

There are many things that a person can do as a summer job. If you are looking to create a steady income during the summer months and are curios about what types of jobs provide that, this article is sure to benefit you! There are many jobs that you can choose from in the “sitting” industry. These jobs include house sitting, babysitting, pet sitting, and sitting with the injured and/or elderly. In this article, we will review summer jobs in the sitting industry.


The first summer job that you can get in the sitting industry is house sitting. During the summer months, many people choose to vacation. If someone you know is choosing to take a vacation this summer, or go on a business trip, they may hire you to house sit for them. Basically, this means that you stay at their house while they are away to ensure that their home is kept safe. The only costs that are usually associated with this type of summer job are the advertising costs. If you wish to get into this type of summer job, you should start advertising early in the year. This way, people can plan their trip and you can plan your time.

While you are house sitting for people, there are many side jobs that you can do in order to make some extra cash. For example, while you house sit, you may inform the people that you are working for that you will do their lawn. If the person you are house sitting for has a pool, you may offer to maintain the pool while they are away for an additional fee. Often, people are willing to pay extra to ensure that these things are done. They may even have a project that needs done while they are away, like painting a deck, that you may be able to make some extra cash on.

Many people may choose to hire a pet sitter during the summer. This is one of the fun summer jobs in the sitting industry that you can opt for. Basically, you sit with a pet, as you would a child, to make sure that all of their needs are met. You will walk the pet, bathe the pet, feed the pet, and water the pet. If you want to earn some extra cash with this type of job, you may even choose to offer pet grooming services. Another possibility of earning extra cash is to take the pet to their check ups and other important appointments.

There are other great summer jobs that you can choose in the sitting industry as well. You can, of course, babysit for people that you know. You also may find that someone who was injured or suffers from a medical condition may hire you to sit with them and help them out. If you know an elderly person that requires assistance, you can get paid to sit with them as well.


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