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Motorcycles-Accident Prevention

Just about everyday that you drive around town, you will see at least one motorcycle on the road and during the spring and summer months, it seems like they are on the road in hordes. Motorcycles consume less fuel, and since gas prices are rapidly rising, it stands to reason that there will be even more motorcycles on the road this summer than ever before. While motorcycles are much cheaper to drive, and can be a lot of fun, they are often involved in highway accidents, many of them fatal. So, it is important that motorcycle riders, and other drivers on the road work together to prevent highway accidents involving motorcycles.


If you are a motorcycle rider, you need to learn how to do it responsibly. This starts with purchasing and always wearing the right safety gear, which really should be common sense. When you are on the road, obey the speed limits, and try not to be out on the road when the weather is bad, as you are much more likely to be involved in an accident in these situations. If you don’t have a lot of motorcycle riding experience, it would be best to stay off of the busy roads until you are more comfortable with your skills. A newbie mistake could not only potentially cost you your own life, but could take that of someone else as well. Make sure that you keep your motorcycle well-maintained, and that you always stay focused on the ride when on the road.

For some reason, not all, but many motorcycle riders think that it is okay for them to drive while intoxicated, since they aren’t driving a “technical” vehicle. But, for your own safety, it is just as important, if not more so, that you are sober when you are on your motorcycle. You have to remember that not all drivers may be aware of what is going on around them, and that some vehicles have blind spots, meaning that a driver may not see you, so you have to be on the lookout for these types of things, so that you stay safe. If you are inebriated, it will be hard to do this, if not impossible.

Even a veteran motorcyclist could be in a wreck, especially if he allows his attention to be pulled somewhere other than his driving. You also need to remember that road debris may not be a problem for drivers of cars and trucks, but for you, the motorcycle rider, could be all it would take to cause a wreck, so you have to watch out for these hazard as well.

Drivers of all other types of vehicles on the road need to realize that they are not the only ones on the road, and that motorcycle riders are out there. They need to especially remember this when it comes to movements that might involve blind spots, as motorcycles will be that much harder to spot. You shouldn’t ever really tailgate anyone, but especially not a motorcycle, because one little slip and you could easily injure or kill the rider, without a scratch to yourself!


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