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Donít Forget to Buy These Motorcycle Must-Haves

When shopping for a new motorcycle, there are many great add-ons that you can purchase, at the same time. You can customize your motorcycle in many ways, so that it truly is your own. There are some motorcycle add-ons that you should have regardless, and others that really are optional.


When you purchase your motorcycle, you must purchase your safety gear, if you donít already have it. If you cannot afford to buy adequate protective gear, then you should forego the purchase of the motorcycle, at least until you can. If you buy the motorcycle without the safety gear, you will be tempted to ride it, and could be fatally injured without the proper gear. Make sure that what you purchase fits you correctly, as it will provide little protection otherwise. When it comes to your helmet, you can even have it specially ordered to go along with your bike, which will add even a more personal touch.

Other safety gear that you should purchase, but arenít required to have, includes riding suits, eye protection, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. In some states, you may be required to have eye protection, so check with the state regulations to see if this is required. A riding suit can offer you more full body protection in the case of an accident, which can help prevent scrapes and painful road burns. Knee and elbow pads can offer protection to fragile bones, easily broken from falls of the motorcycle.

If you will be doing a lot of traveling on your motorcycle, you might want to think about purchasing some storage accessories as well, so that you can have the items you need with you. You can take these items off of your bike when you donít need them, so they are not something that you have to permanently affix.

It is also a good idea to make certain that you are comfortable when riding on your motorcycle, so it is a good idea to purchase items that can add to your comfort. Many people choose to get custom seats and back bars, which can help relieve muscle soreness and strain. You can even get extra foot pegs that will allow you more leg room as you ride!

To make your motorcycle more your own, you can get custom decals that you can install yourself, or you can have someone paint a design onto your bike. You can even purchase extra chrome, to shine things up a little.

Just like choosing the right motorcycle, it can take some time to find and purchase all of the extra add-ons that you need and want. Donít opt for the cheapest item, as this isnít always the best deal, and you may be sacrificing quality. After all, why cheapen your bike with cheap accessories in the first place?


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