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Tips That Can Make Family Air Travel A Little Smoother

In today's modern world, just traveling as a solo adult by airline can be a major escapade, especially now that we have to worry about terrorists on every corner. You have to leave home at least an hour earlier; to make certain you can get through airport security and get in your seat before your plane leaves. If it takes that long for one person to get through, imagine how frustrating it can be for those people traveling with small children, standing in long lines, etc. The key to smooth airline travel, both for yourself, and with your family, is preparation.


The first thing you need to do, is pay special attention when making your travel arrangements, remembering to allow extra time for every step of the way, since you will be traveling with children. When you make your airline reservations, make certain that you book a non-stop flight, rather than having to change planes, which can be confusing anyway, even more so with children along. In the event you do have to change planes, take the time to talk with your children about what will happen, so that they know what to expect and don't feel overwhelmed by all of the hustle and bustle that will be going on around them.

If you are going to traveling outside of your time zone, try to arrange your trip so that it occurs while your children are sleeping, which will help them adjust to the time change easier, and reduce the effects of jet lag.

Try to get to the airport early, so that you have plenty of time for the unexpected to occur. You will have some extra time to blow, but that will be much better than trying to drag your children through the terminal at the last minute.

If your children have to have a car seat or booster seat, then they may need it on the plane as well, so talk with the airline before making your plans. In some instances, they may be included in the cost of your tickets, which will make it easier on you, rather than having to drag those big, bulky seats around with you.

Don't forget, that if you are traveling outside of your home country, you will be required to have a passport for yourself, and each of your children, regardless of their ages.

Take along some items that will keep your children busy while on the plane, so they don't get bored during the flight. You don't want to have to listen to the chorus of are we there yet, the entire flight, and neither do the other people on the flight. Check with the airline to find out what you will be allowed to bring on-board, such as handheld electronic games, computers, etc.

When traveling by airplane, you may experience some ear pain due to the changes in altitude, and this is often more pronounced in younger children. Bring along something for your children to drink or chew, as this often helps with this problem.

Airline travel can be frustrating for everyone, particularly for those traveling with children. By being well prepared, you can prevent some of the more frustrating elements of airline travel, which can make it a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.


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