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Traveling with Children and Pets, AGGGHH!

When you go on your family vacation, do you take your family pets with you, or do you make other arrangements for them? Some families decide that their pet is a part of the family too, and therefore, should be allowed to go on vacation with everyone else. While it is okay to take your pet along, it can complicate things, especially if you will be spending long amounts of time in the car. Children can make long car trips difficult, and pets don't make the situation any easier. Your children will be happy to have their treasured pet along with them, but it will take some extra planning on your part to pull it off.


Not all pets travel well, so you should think about that before deciding to take your pet with you. If your pet doesn't like car rides, or gets physically sick, then it may not be such a good idea to take him or her along on the family vacation. If your pet has health problems, it may be best to make other arrangements as well, as traveling could be too traumatic. But, if your pet is healthy, and has had no previous problems with travel, then it should be okay to bring him with you.

One of the main concerns that may give you some difficulty is trying to find a hotel that is willing to allow pets in the room. If you will be staying with a friend or family member, ask first, but it should be okay. Don't forget to pack the essentials that your pet will need, food, food dishes, and his bed. You might even want to throw in a few toys, and maybe even a leash, just in case. If your pet doesn't react well to strangers, you will need to make certain someone stays with him at all times.

You should always make sure your pet wears an ID tag, but especially when traveling. You can get an inexpensive collar with tag for nearly nothing at your local pet supply store, or you can go for an electronic microchip which can help track your dog should he get stolen or separated from you. It is also a good idea to have your pet well-groomed before departing on your trip.

It can be difficult to travel with a pet along, but some people refuse to even consider leaving their pet behind. Again, the key is good planning, and making special accommodations for your pet along the way. If you aren't prepared to do this, then you should probably make other arrangements for your pet when you travel.


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