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Bird Watching With Kids

The stress of jobs and school can take a toll on family life including young children. Bird watching will bring you all out to nature into the woods to share a relaxing, educational activity for everyone.


Bird watching is the study of birds in their natural habitat. The best way to study birds is with binoculars. Most people enjoy studying a group of birds or they may have a favorite that they enjoy watching.

There are ways to make the activity interesting for everyone. You may want to turn it into a project by asking your children to keep a journal and observe what they see. They could keep a log of the kinds of birds that they have seen and describe them.

You may want to build a bird house together with your children. This would be a great project for everyone to participate in and will hopefully, bring birds to your back yard.

While you are building the bird house you may want to share stories about birds. You may want to share your knowledge and inspiration as to how you got interested in bird watching.

You may want to explain to children about the protective nature of bird houses. Birds need shelter from the elements and they are always looking for a bird house to relax and refuel for their journey.

Birds are beautiful creatures. They are legendary in the sports world with teams such as the Orioles, cardinals, eagles. Your children may enjoy comparing birds and how they look to their favorite sports team.

Children enjoy being out doors no matter what the activity is. While you are out bird watching you may want to hike and study other aspects of nature such as trees and flowers. The best tools for children and bird watching are binoculars, camera, a book on birds and a journal.

You may want to organize a field trip with other children in your neighborhood. This would be a great way to get others involved and to enjoy a trip to the woods.

Bird watching will encourage your children to relax and to enjoy the natural wonders of nature. It will remind them that there is more to do than watching TV and video games.

There are lessons to be learned in bird watching which are patience and the need to be quiet. This will give you as well as your child the opportunity to slow down and observe beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Children learn by doing and this is an excellent way to introduce them to nature and a variety of different species of birds. So, take your children to the woods, or the park to enjoy a relaxing, peaceful experience.


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