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Bird Watching In The Winter Months

If you live in the south and are interested in bird watching, you are located in the perfect spot to enjoy them. They migrate from the north to the south because of the cold temperatures. The birds want to get away from the frost and the bitter temperatures.


Why of course you can observe birds at anytime through your window. But, the experience is much more enjoyable if you are able to get out into the woods, to a nature park or reserve to observe the birds in their natural habitat.

Most likely the types of birds flying south are sparrows, finches, meadow larks, blue birds and robins. They are not only flying south to take advantage of the warm temperatures, they are also looking for food. Birds can tell when the days get shorter, it is time to move south.

Some birds are able to withstand the temperature change longer and may not migrate till late winter. Most generally, wrens, warblers and tree sparrows will stick it out.

The best place to observe the migration is out in the country in an open field. More than likely they will also be looking for food in fruit trees and shrubs .Some birds such as owls are able to withstand the temperatures and will live in swamp areas.

If you are looking to observe them outside your window, you may want to leave out some seeds or bread crumbs to invite them. Birds are look for dense bushes and shrubs. Many birds prefer trees and shrubs over bird houses.

Some birds prefer to eat off the ground. So if you throw some bread crumbs out your door, you may find some birds nibbling on them within minutes.

Enclosed feeders are perfect for winter months because they allow the food to stay dry. You can keep several days worth of food in the feeders. Birds certainly appreciate the food because it can be scarce during the winter months.

You will want to place the feeder close to a window so that you can observe the birds as they come. Keep the feeders clean. Insects and rodents may get into it so make sure it is kept clean.

Birds provide natural beauty and what better place to observe birds than in your back yard. You may want to consider transforming your yard so that it is bird friendly. You could add a bird bath, house or feeder.

Some plants and shrubs that you might consider adding to attract birds include crabapple trees, coral berry, sunflowers, poppies, marigolds and pine trees. So enjoy the winter months and relish all of the birds you see during the winter months. And look forward to sweet sounds of Spring when they return.


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