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Attracting Birds Into Your Yard

If you are interested in bird watching and would like to see more birds in your yard there are ways to invite them. Birds are fascinating to watch and observe. First you need to capture their attention visually and you can do that by planting brightly colored plants. They most certainly are always looking for food so, if you planted fruit tress or other plants that bear food, they most surely will be interested. There are a variety of birds that enjoy eating berries and seeds including, cardinals, finches and sparrows.


Some examples of fruit bearing plants are ones with berries, oranges and cones. Also these trees provide protection which will encourage them to settle.

If you have large trees in your back yard that is even better, as birds are always looking for protection from the weather and other harsh conditions. Large protective trees such as spruce, oak and maple trees are favorites of birds.

Robins are very pretty and unusual birds. They will be looking for worms and insects in the lawn. They love to sing at sunset, so they will most certainly serenade you if you are fortunate to be there within close proximity of them.

Water is always welcome also. If you have a stone or other large object that holds water. They will look for that.

If you are a serious bird lover, you will most certainly want to transform your yard to attract birds. If you are a bird lover and have a willow tree in your yard, you are very fortunate as most likely you will see a variety of birds including orioles and warblers.

If you have a vacant field with a variety of flowers, you will most certainly attract a variety of birds including quails and pheasants.

Old large trees are a perfect settling ground for all kinds of birds. They enjoy the protection as well as fruits and seeds and the availability to sit and next on the limbs.

If you enjoy woodpeckers, they are looking for hard wood tress such as ash, cherry and birch trees. It is actually the insects underneath the hard bark that they are looking for.

The variety and types of trees will attract different birds. The softer wood tress such as pine and spruce provide a comfortable place for birds to rest and nest.

Birds are beautiful creatures and they can be attracted to your yard through a variety of means. If you have a brightly colored garden with flowers, shrubs and large beautiful trees, you will most certainly find a multitude of birds in your yard.

If you are interested in drawing birds to your yard, make sure you have brightly colored plants and flowers as well as old large trees so they will feel welcome in your yard.


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